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Balor and the Demon Invasion
The Brightmantle Weapon Forge and Trading Consortium
“The Calendar”
The Church of Corellon Larethian
The Church of Heironeous
The Heroes of Godspike
Mindflayers and Lich

The Prime Material Plane

The Prime Material Plane (usually just called the Material Plane by its inhabitants) is the home of most mortals and the center of the cosmology. It is a plane that draws its natural essence from all of the Inner Planes, and its philosophy from all of the Outer Planes in equal measure.

The Western Hemisphere
Algur, the Northern Continent Vappor, the Southern Continent
Alviss Arria
Fortress of Libilas Cumberland
Goldcoast Dryth
Krein Hrundi
Lake Caryackt Mount Nograd
Luness Onawo
Maliber Willowsbriar
Mount Caryackt
The Starwood
Cormand, Island to the East Morthos, Land to the West
Barithani Iborea
The Sand Flats Luberia
The World Spring Scylla
The Eastern Hemisphere The Underdark
Cliffport The Underdark

The Planes

The Transitive Planes The Inner Planes
Astral Plane Elemental Plane of Air
Ethereal Plane Elemental Plane of Earth
Plane of Shadow Elemental Plane of Fire
Elemental Plane of Water
Negative Energy Plane
Positive Energy Plane

The Outer Planes

The Outer Planes are home to the deities. Each of the Outer Planes has an alignment, and gives physical form to a particular aspect of the ethics and philosophy of mortals.

The Outer Planes
Celestia Bytopia Elysium Beastlands Arborea
Arcadia Good Ysgard
Mechanus Law Outlands Chaos Limbo
Acheron Evil Pandemonium
Baator Gehenna Hades Carceri Abyss

The Private Demiplane

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