Planar Traits

  • Normal gravity.
  • Unknown time:
  • Unknown size.
  • No elemental or energy dominance:

The Olympian Glades of Arborea are a strange combination of many different environments, all of which thrive in bountiful measures. From rolling planes full of glorious flowers to entire landscapes covered by forests, some abundant with fruit and life while others quiet and somewhat desolate. There are great trees that reach insurmountable heights, and challenging mountains with sheer crags and rockfaces.

It is the home of many strange creatures not found in other planes of existance, but the most common of folk dwelling there are all manner of different fey creatures, from Dryads to Pixies. Most importantly, it is the home of Corellon Larethian and his council.

As planes go it is easily habitable to outsiders, with often the greatest worry solely being dealing with the tricky nature of certain fey creatures. While the great cities spanning in the treetops may be daunting at first, they are welcoming to outsiders who do their utmost to respect the different culture.

The weather is as chaotic as the plane’s residents, sometimes changing as often as every minute.


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