Planar Traits

  • Normal gravity.
  • Normal time:
  • Infinite size.
  • No energy dominance:

One unknown layer of The Infinite Layers of the Abyss has been encountered, and only by one person within the party, Kerys Nae Gwennen. The air was barely even present and the little that was seen showed barren red wastelands, cracked earth from which almost nothing grew, and an infernal battle between uncountable numbers of horrific creatures.

The drug “Luhix” was harvested from this plane and brought back into the Material Plane. It was one of the few indications of flora in the Abyss.

Layer 1 of the Abyss is the plane of infinite portals. It is exactly what it says on the tin. Many demonfolks, humanoids and other creatures are milling around in such a place, conducting business or attempting to find which portal they want to go into.

Layer 66 of the Abyss is Lolth’s domain, goddess of the drow and spiders. The entire layer is a vast spiderweb, wider and harder than any seen in the material plane, stretching infinitely out and rumoured to be crafted from the very souls of the dead. Moving around this layer is a great fortress styled in the shape of a spider and moving in a similar way across the surface of the webs. Many groups of drow, mish-mashed together, patrol around the outside of this ever crawling fortress, struggling to maintain a constant patrol around this randomly moving structure.

Layer 73 of the Abyss is the Wells of Darkness, a dimensionally locked plane sporting almost not light and giant pits in which are held powerful demons and demon lords who lost, but are kept alive. Some of the pits are completely unguarded, others have powerful magical devices at them, and others even garrisons of troops. The jailers are colossal, featureless creatures and seem to know when damage is dealt to the prisons. Perhaps the scariest factor of all this is that it is untraversable. The layer itself changes and shifts positions of everything constantly, meaning it is both very easy to get lost in, and nigh impossible to escape from.

Layer 245 of the Abyss was a vast jade lake of acid, with the only safe ground being sleek black crystals forming makeshift walkways. At one point of this lake is a village turned to this same black crystal, with the villagers all in expressions of intense agony. A fountain standing at the centre was both a planar challenge and a relic of Lolth, granting thee who submersed within it the gifts of the spider.


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