Willowsbriar is a farming town south of Dryth. The town sits on the border of Dryth’s arid desert, to the south of Dryth, and to the east of Vappor’s mountain range. It is blessed by fertile soil and temperate weather uncommon to the region.

Willowsbriar is isolated except for a road leading to Dryth. The road was commissioned many generations ago by Charis I—the sixth Hierarch of Dryth—to provide food for her city, which was otherwise dependant upon its fisheries.

Almost all of the townsfolk earn a living as farmers or trappers. Willowsbriar’s wealthier families earned their gold by providing rooms for merchants from the north when the trade route to Dryth was founded.

Willowsbriar Grove

Willowsbriar is neighbour to an evergreen forest. Deep within this forest is a grove which was home to a matriarchal sect of druids for as long as history can remember. These druids were known as the guardians, and they tasked themselves with maintaining Willowsbriar’s ecosystem.

Notable Characters

  • Kerys Nae Gwennen was the last guardian of Willowsbriar Grove. She fled the town after being falsely accused of witchcraft and murder.
  • Gwennen Nae Morganna(d) was the previous guardian of Willowsbriar Grove.
  • Kevian Ganry(d) was the son of a wealthy landowner. His death led to the imprisonment of Kerys.


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