Stronghold (or The Stronghold) is an underground settlement with an exclusively dwarven population. It can be found in a chasm in the giant forest of the first continent the party encountered when travelling into unknown lands.

Under siege by spiders, the settlement was headed by the head cleric of Moradin (god of the dwarves), Head Cleric Balderk. Scouts were often sent to discover the meaning behind the spider siege, while Balderk oversaw an extensive network of digging and tunnels. Turns out he was under the impression there was an ancient dwarven relic beneath here and was fueling efforts to uncover it.

Sadly it was a relic of Lolth instead, hence the spiders. It is unknown as to the fate of the settlement after the relic was uncovered, as the party found themselves in The Abyss shortly thereafter.

Notable Characters

  • Balderk, head cleric of the Church of Moradin.
  • Oskar, a dwarf-scout-turned-dead-turned-kobold companion of the party for a brief amount of time.


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