“The day that the lich burned my village to the ground, I swore that I would spend every moment of my life seeking bloody vengeance. But now that you’re here, adventurer, I needn’t bother!”

Important Quests

Sink the Sinkers

A chaotic, militaristic sect known as the Sinkers travels the planes, tearing interplanar portals open with the goal of all of the planes violently merging into one.

  • Find the general who stays in his garrison.
  • Find the general who remains on the battlefield.
  • Find the general who commands from a distance.
    • A Sinker soldier said something about dreams.
  • - Repair the Sinker general’s amulet. -
    • The amulet teleports creatures. Where does it go, and what else does it do?
  • Dissolve the Sinker organisation.

Drive Back the Demons

A balor has attuned itself to the material plane, so that it is at full strength while on the material and reforms there following its death. The balor is attempting to open interplanar portals to launch a full-scale demon invasion of the material plane, and has already destroyed the city of Cliffport.

  • Deal with the balor.
  • Prevent the demon hordes from travelling across the planes.
  • Slay any demons on the material plane.

Side Quests

Sins of the Father

Khazmin Pyrrhus’s family bound their bloodline to demons. He also took a bargain from Pazuzu, the cost of which was to carry a dangerous curse. Khazmin wishes to rid himself of both burdens.

  • End Khazmin’s curse.
  • Find out more about the Pyrrhus family’s pact.
  • Pazuzu was imprisoned, and is not any more. Find out more about Pazuzu.
  • Find Pazuzu.


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