Plane of Shadow

The Plane of Shadow is a transitive, co-existent plane to the Material Plane. What exists in the Material Plane also exists in the Plane of Shadow, overlapping in its entirety, albeit with a few slight differences.

The Plane of Shadow is not a colourful world, it exists solely in black, white and grey. The sky is but a black expanse with no light, and objects are mere reflections of those on the Material Plane, twisted and warped slightly and devoid of any colour. In fact, the entire world of the Plane of Shadow is but a warped version of the Material Plane, subtly morphing and undulating.

And while objects exist and are shared between these two planes, life is not. Some creatures do exist, but these are the sole natives of this plane.

Planar traits

  • Normal gravity.
  • Normal time.
  • Infinite size.
  • No elemental or energy dominance.

Known gates

Notable characters

Plane of Shadow

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