Primary Race: Elven

Luness is a city near the centre of the continent of Algur. It is surrounded by fertile farms and has a large population.

Even though it is situated in the centre of the elven lands, it is very welcoming to humans also. It is a city where many gather as it is the proclaimed home of The Heroes of Godspike after it was saved by the heroes from the death god Sulerain. As a result a monument to the heroes has been built in the city, to which many people flock. Luness as a city has taken advantage of this and tailored its focus towards providing for visitors.

Luness is also where the head temple of The Church of Corellon Larethian resides, standing proudly to the north of the city. In recent days it is overshadowed by travel to Luness in order to see the monument to the heroes.


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