House Rules, Setting Rules, and Errata


  • Critical Failure: A roll of a natural 1 on an attack roll ends the creature’s turn.
  • Instant Kill: A roll of three natural 20s on a single attack roll instantly kills the target creature.
  • Massive Damage: There is no death by massive damage.


  • Craft Contingent Spell: Removed.

Magic Items

  • Bag of Holding: Bags of holding act as portals to a specific area of the astral plane, and are not extradimensional storage. Bags of holding have no limit to carrying capacity, though large objects or creatures might not fit through the neck. Piercing the bag of holding destroys the bag but not its contents, which still exist within the astral plane. Denizens of the astral plane can happen across items stored in the astral plane using a bag of holding, though this is rare.


  • Astral Plane: The astral plane is finite in size. There are inhabitants on it that vary in hostility, and encountering them is a possibility. There is no air to breathe.
  • Elemental Plane of Earth: Flowing time. For every minute in the Elemental Plane of Earth, 100 minutes pass on the Material Plane.
  • Elemental Plane of Fire: Flowing time. For every 100 minutes in the Elemental Plane of Fire, only 1 minute passes on the Material Plane.
  • Ethereal Plane: It is possible for a creature travel to the ethereal plane without becoming ethereal. Corporeal creatures on the ethereal plane can not interact with ethereal creatures or objects, unless using effects like the ghost touch spell or force effects.


  • Astral Projection: An astral form does not gain a copy of the original creature’s items or equipment. The astral form can equip itself normally, and can remove items from its original physical body.
  • Celerity (Lesser, Major, and Minor): Removed.
  • Freedom of Movement: Explicitly provides immunity to daze.
  • Gate: Gate cannot be made permanent under any circumstances. Creatures called with the gate spell cannot gate in other creatures.
  • Ice Assassin, Shades, Shadow Conjuration, Simulacrum, and Similar Spells: A creature can only have one such spell in effect at any given time. A creature created with such a spell cannot use these spells or similar abilities.
  • Leomund’s Secret Chest: The secret chest will appear as a corporeal chest hidden on an incorporeal, infinitely large plane. Leomund’s secret chest is the safest way to store items.
  • Miracle: Effects that are not explicitly listed, and “powerful requests”, will most likely not be allowed unless they are trivial. See _miracle_’s arcane big brother, wish.
  • Mordenkainen’s Disjunction: Targets a single creature or object instead of an area. If a creature is targeted, magic items in the creature’s possession are unaffected.
  • Polymorph Any Object: Cannot be made permanent.
  • Teleportation Circle: Removed. [Sean: Fluff-wise, it’s a very neat spell. In practice, it would have caused the entire world to collapse before the campaign started.]
  • Time Stop: Can only be used once per round in real time.
  • Wish: Wish can not produce the following effects:
    • Create a nonmagical item of up to 25,000 gp in value.
    • Create a magic item, or add to the powers of an existing magic item.
      Effects that are not explicitly listed will most likely not be allowed unless they are trivial. [Sean: Buuuuut if you want to use wish, a level 9 spell, to get an extra standard action to do nothing but sigh with exasperation or stylishly dance for no gain, I might consider it.]


  • Magically Created Items: Items created using magical means have zero market value. Objects can be detected as having been magically created using a Spellcraft check (DC 20 + spell level). Merchants willing to trade in large sums of wealth will be able to make this check. Merchants that can not make the Spellcraft check are not very good merchants, and do not have a lot of wealth to trade.

House Rules, Setting Rules, and Errata

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