Primary Race: Human

Arria is a small human city located just to the east of the centre of the continet of Vappor. It is small in size, however it has just as much going on as any regular sized city.

The city is compact and crowded, with very little space not being used for its potential. There is a large degree of farmland surrounding it, and it is often in trade with Dryth, Cumberland and even the Hrundi.

Arria’s leader is Jezebell Vordran, who demands that every transaction made within the city be split in half, and half donated to the city itself. Jezebell Vordran either does not follow this law or takes some of this half for herself, because she lives in a very high degree of luxury. The rest of the city live in fine quality themselves, and public services are second to none as a result of this law.

In addition, Arria has a great arcane school, spanning many buildings on many floors. It is difficult to find one’s way about this school, but their knowledge of the arcane is exemplary. The most intruiging part of this school, and the reason it is so difficult to find, is that each individual room is illusioned on request of the member of staff occupying it, to whatever specifications they want. Thus what looks like a row of rooms on the outside can be anything from vast open planes to silent nights on the inside.

Arria is abound with rumours of a certain group known as “Chimera”, who are allegedly doing some rather dubious experimentation. However no rumour is concrete, and most simply disregard it as unfounded rumour.


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