Illia has been through some changes as of late.

She started out as a human wizard living in Moonbrook who lended her services to the party (for a price of course) in the art of teleportation, allowing them to travel to the northern mountains with haste to rescue Surosar. What she hadn’t signed up for was the subsequent battles with various entities including orcish villagers, guards, the head shaman, and the Shadow Colossus.

Upon returning home, she was sought out once again by Graminea Malkovich and Kerys Nae Gwennen, as they had no idea where the rest of the party was. Believing her to be untrustworthy in her explanation, Kerys polymorphed her into a lizard and stole her spellbook, thus removing her from any future complications.

She has remained as a lizard since then, travelling briefly alongide Graminea’s familiar, Crackle, before being placed upon the ship “The Lowly Lizard” as a mascot.



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