Graminea Malkovich

"I don't remember"


Having lost her memory from what Kerys Nae Gwennen says was a Balor demon who had possessed her, is still picking up the pieces.
Trying to remain upbeat Graminea appears more like Crackle her lost familiar than her usual self.

While Khazmin Pyrrhus‘s heart is in the right place thinking she can obtain her memories back by being reminded and visiting old places nothing yet has come back to her, except for the very moment the Balor was free’d.
She has since practised meditation under watch of Kerys while to no avail with her memories, she seems to be able to use and control the arcane power that is within her.

Racked with guilt over the death of a supposed companion and countless people in the city of Cliffport to the same Balor demon, is now doing all she can to right what she could have done wrong.

With only her old diary telling her of the past and the occasional mention from the people around her the world is just as confusing now as it ever was.

After after exploring the many areas of a creepy and endless maze with a lot of steps, she finds herself occasionally entrapped in a place called Greysky where she will sit and study books within the archives to better her Sorcery, finding it hard to grasp learning things she already knows how to do, occasionally blacking out and finding herself back in the maze, she phases between a dream and reality each time with a new companion at her side or simply alone looking lost in theory.

She occasionally returns to a small patch of grass or a tree on the borders of the maze claiming if she sits there for a while that it will fix the timeline or time-space.

Orob her proto-drake companion makes sure noone else can enter the Grey Space during her time there.


Graminea Malkovich

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