Graminea Malkovich

"Curiosity gets the better of me"


Level 8 Sorcerer

Familiar Fortitude
Empower Spell

Ability Scores
CHA:base 16 : enhancement: 18

Saving Throws

Known Spells
Mage Hand
Ghost Sound
Read Magic
Detect Magic
Arcane Mark

Magic Missile
Disguise Self
Shocking Grasp
Ray of Enfeeblement
Ray of Clumsiness

Touch of Idiocy
Mirror Image
Fire Burst

Battlemagic Perception
Dispel Magic
Black Tentacles

Arcane Fusion

Wands in Possession
Acid Arrow
Mage Armor
False Life

Animal Familiar
A small lizard called Crackle
“I aint goin’ anywhere”
after a few precocious days Crackle popped into existence, Graminea finding him in her bedroll one morning and explained a few things to her about himself and her ability’s. when he could soon enough commune with the rest of the party he did so as he loves to make friends is helpful and reliable to anyone who may ask.
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Age: 45 (thats around age 20 for mentality)
Height: 5"5’
Weight: 125 lbs
Daughter of: Johndalar Malkovich and Heather Malkovich, sister to Gillian “Lazan” Malkovich.
Hometown : Alviss

A “normal” girl raised by two parents, one elf (father) one human (mother) therefore making her half elf, taking the best features of her parents is strikingly beautiful.

Her strange hair changes colour at random or so it seems (purple to blonde)

She started exploring the magical arts having heard about them in school,
only at first using what powers she gained to play tricks and make her brother Gillian “Lazan” Malkovich giggle.

Outgoing and trys to remain upbeat about things, opinionated and doesn’t stay quiet as she believes she would be less of a person if she stayed quiet all the time like her mother.

she uses spells to the best of her knowledge to deter or confuse and to get out of sticky situations.

A studious girl, first started her adventure by taking a trip to Maliber with a coach full of fellow students was then left behind in the main library only to discover her entrapment along with a select few other people, doing what she had to, to escape the burning library the survivors then gathered with each other to gain insight as to what had happened.
The night came and she had a visitor come to her bedside threatening her for the secrets she obtained, upon discovering that her information was useless the man left her for the time being and harassed the other members she had spoken to. The group decided it would be best to flee the town to avoid any more harassment.

On the way out of Maliber the group stumbled across a cart full of slaughtered young elfs, all once students of Gramineas school, seeing her fate could have been worse she held in her breath and continued forwards to Silvercoast.

Upon entering the city of Silvercoast Alymond taking the role of Graminea’s father for the time being the party furthered the investigation of what information they had obtained and was so sought after. Discovering that the information they had were coordinates to some very powerful artifacts Adrian was told unto by his head cleric to further investigate and aid the church with finding them.
Graminea followed him and the others upon this task in order to obtain the funds to go home, soon after this she ran into and rescued Valen from an underwater prison, an elfen boy who escaped the wreckage of the cart by the hands of Fishnets. This information prompted Graminea to send word back home to her family to warn them of the oncoming danger and herself flee and hide from those who want to obtain any information they can about the relics.

On discovering that the antagonist of her family has been brought to some justice by the betrayal of her master Erevan Silverton and was given to The Merchant Malchoir, she has come to realise she has no home to return to nor a reason to run away from anything anymore, with this she seems to have a sense of grandiose, that nothing could harm her now and is continuing to educate the world of her presence that a half-elf breed is not something to be trifled with.

Her power for the arcane has however taken a slight turn for the worst, erupting flames in her sleep has gotten her into a bit of trouble, not seeming to be able to control this surge of power when it first emerged, she managed to keep it at bay for the time being and thus the power has changed her eye colour to a flame red rather than her usual sapphire blue, though all of this is pretty normal to her what with her hair changing colour all the time her party members seem to have a few questions.

Recently managed to obtain the powers of the spider through a relic/challenge whilst in the 252th layer of the Abyss by submerging herself into a fountain of acid as per a large spiders requests, turns out that was a huge joke, but because she did this the spider gave her more of a buff to her bestowed gift. she now has aspects of a spider, better dex, can climb walls, spit acid and has acid immunity.

Graminea Malkovich

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