Welcome to the campaign page for Heretic Enlightenment, a D&D 3.5 campaign that started in October 2012 and is ongoing. It is a tale woven from the confusion of the characters as they find themselves in danger; persued, attacked, pleaded and bargained with by many different people as they travel/flee across the world, attempting to work out exactly what it is they have, and what they should do with it.

The Party
Graminea Malkovich Graminea Malkovich is a half-elven girl in a world rife with racial hatred. She is an innately talented arcanist, and studious besides.
Kerys Nae Gwennen Kerys Nae Gwennen is the last of a matriarchal sect of druids. In her travels, Kerys has visited other realms of existence and learned of the ecological connections between them. She is struggling with reconciling her ancestral beliefs with the realities of nature.
Khazmin Pyrrhus Khazmin Pyrrhus is a young man bound to the Abyss through dark pacts forged by his ancestors.
Lucretia Aurelia Tullius Lucretia Aurelia Tullius is a priestess of Ehlonna and seeker of knowledge.
Old Companions
Calairiel Calairiel is an elven worshipper of Ehlonna, goddess of the hunt. She is beset by dreams guiding her to a holy site in the Beastlands—Ehlonna’s native plane and a paradise to her people.
Surosar Surosar was an emancipated slave who spent most of his life in the Elemental Plane of Fire before being released from servitude by Graminea.
Sahalquiel Sahalquiel is a sword-for-hire now in the service of the Church of Heironeous.
Alymond Truebrook Alymond Truebrook was permanently blinded in a race hate attack, and carried that hatred for the rest of his life. He briefly held the blessing of Corellon himself, and died in a bid for even greater power.
Adrian Adrian is a kind and compassionate cleric of Corellon, now working to stop corruption in his church.
Castiel Castiel was a self-styled hero who insisted on doing everything himself.
The Balor The Balor
Pazuzu Pazuzu
The Lich The Lich will get you next time! A-hahaha-haaaaa!
Asoria Asoria
Ilesere Ilesere
Erevan "Silverton" Erevan “Silverton”

Heretic Enlightenment

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