The Private Demiplane

What is this place?

Due to some problems involving wild magic and Kerys Nae Gwennen, she ended up with a small portal on her shoulder. The portal grew in size as she continued to use magic, until it became large enough to fit through. Anything sent through was immediately bitten by some unseen creature. However, when all methods of escape seemed useless, it provided a way out of Layer 73 of The Abyss, thanks to Graminea Malkovich’s quick thinking divekicking.

The realm was peaceful, with no sign of life or existence whatsoever, except for a colossal whale-like creature. There was gravity, but the ground was nothing but scattered landmasses, some small and some very large, with different concentrations of water and land upon them. It looks like an unfinished project, long abandoned.

The party soon plane-shifted back to the known multiverse, with the portal unfortunately remaining on Kerys’s shoulder. The whale-like creature joined them, having been turned into a mouse by Graminea, who named it Steve.

The Private Demiplane

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