"The Calendar"

“The Calendar” or “OOPS” are the nicknames given to a varied group of people who have appeared during the campaign now and again. Being so varied in appearance, they are identifiable solely by the sigil ring each of them appears to bear, a crest of black and white checkers.

According to Ash, a schism has developed within the group, as he, Roe the Bard and Lona have lost respect for Erevan Silverton.

Ash recently revealed the identities and numbers of all those he knows within the group, in an attempt to gain favour with the party.

Members and Numbers:
Erevan Silverton

1: Shador Szoraxle XVII
2: Dorgan
3: Fishnets
4: Koga
5: Lona
6: Construct
7: is unknown even to Ash
8: Kura (deceased and ring destroyed)
9: Roe the Bard
10: Ash
11: Rolan
12: Eilein (ring destroyed)

According to Ash, the primary meeting place was in the library in Maliber. As much as meetings of this group could be called meetings, with often many people not showing up or derailing for other agendas. These meetings were soon abandoned however the stronghold presumably remained. The library being so vast and expansive, it was apparently easy to create a stronghold beneath it, accessible only by those who wear the rings. However since the rumoured attack upon Maliber by creatures from The Underdark, Ash is unaware of the city’s situation.

"The Calendar"

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