The Brightmantle Weapon Forge and Trading Consortium

The Brightmantle Weapon Forge and Trading Consortium is the elaborate name given to a guild of craftsmen and smiths that primarily operate in the human-centric southern continent of Vappor, although their influence does reach towards the other continents in addition. From mass-production of weapons and armour to finely crafted singular orders or jewellery, Brightmantle are extensive in their experience and ability, able to craft whatever you so wish as long as you can pay.

Their main headquarters is situated in the city of Dryth and is where most of the mass production takes place, however certain individuals, such as Valkith the jewellery craftsman, prefer to craft in their own specific abodes across the world. Brightmantle are recognised by their unique guild crest, a forge over a river. This crest is emblazoned upon their mass-produced craft and on houses belonging to those guild members.

On the highest floor of the main headquarters in Dryth sat a mysterious unused forge with carvings and depictions of dwarves surrounding them, a race not seen or heard from in any living person’s memory. Graminea Malkovich and Sahalquiel discovered this and, with no other option to move forward through the gates that stopped them, Sahalquiel drained every last ounce of magic from the doors and also the forge its self.

Dorgan has stationed himself here in Dryth’s headquarters as a high-up within Brightmantle.

The Brightmantle Weapon Forge and Trading Consortium

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