Primary Race: Elven

Silvercoast, as the name suggests, is situated on the southern coast of the continent of Algur. It is a port city and thus derives much of its welfare and income from trade. Being an elven city, it has a strong following to The Church of Corellon Larethian and in particular is home of Father Mylor’s temple and thus the home of Adrian.

While the city focusses heavily on trade, the act of making the city look presentable seems to have taken a backseat, with statues cracking and murals mossed over. However despite this, the residents take great pride in protecting their city, as was shown when monsters attacked the city from the north and many residents joined the guards in order to defend.

Claims to be the first port trading city to have existed, a claim that is disputed with by Goldcoast

On return to Silvercoast, the party found the place to have survived a severe flooding, although many residents upon experiencing this and hearing of the attack on Maliber have fled to further out areas of the world, including human lands and uncharted territories.


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