Scylla is a city on the southern coast of the continent of Morthos. It is a port city however there are only a few boats docked, and it doesn’t appear to do a great amount of trading.

The city is ruled by a tyrant. Holed up in his fortress in the centre of the city is Grakas Chorster, a despot that has taken control of the city through force and has no intention of letting it go. He lives in splendor and wealth while the rest of the city suffers.

The citizens of Scylla only just make it by on a day-to-day basis. Their houses are dilapidated and broken, and food is eaten at the bare minimum. The only citizens who are slightly better off that this are those that join the guards, who get slightly better accodomation and food allowances. As such, there is a very large guard presence in Scylla, which helps Grakas to maintain his control.

People have tried to wrest control free from Grakas, but all have failed, and every incident of this has resulted in further unpleasantaries for the citizens. Thus there has not been an attempted uprising in a very long time.


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