Mindflayers, Illithids, Brain Eaters, call them whatever you wish. These foul creatures are cropping up enough in this world to be called a faction, despite them showing up in isolated places. From small villages to large cities, they remain hidden but often give telltale signs of their presence.

There have been many incidents involving them, but the most notable would be the assault by them and a lich on the funeral of Faenya in Luness, as this was the first time they have been encountered where there was more than just a single one acting alone.

So much is still unknown about these creatures, although the most important is to be wary and not to underestimate the damage they can potentially do, as “Mal” Malburest will surely attest to.

It appears, after several encounters with both them and the Lich at the same time, that there is some sort of alliance between these two. The Lich seems to be utilising the mental power of the Mindflayers at several opportunities.


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