Primary Race: Elven

Maliber is a city in the south western section of the continent of Algur. The city itself is not particularly large, however many smaller villages and towns surround it and the easy access to Silvercoast means that it fares well.

The most distinct landmark within the city is the great library. A vast building many stories tall that is said to be the most extensive library in the world, although humans may beg to differ. While private collections on specific topics may be more cohesive, the sheer volume of accessable material kept under some of the strictest guidances means it is truely a sight to behold. Some collectors even choose to keep their private collections there, and there are many sections in the library that only one person in several years may tread.

Not only is the library itself magnificent with expertly crafted decorations, but the grounds surrounding it are too a sight of beauty. The library and its gardens sits proudly at the very north of the city, elevated and clearly visible. Some of the best views of the city itself can be seen from the higher levels of the library.

It is in this city that our story began.


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