Primary Race: Elven

Luberia is a small village on the eastern coast of the continent of Morthos. It is however far enough inland to not have an actual port. The geography of the surrounding coastline is largely rocky beaches and caves. Oddly enough, although the primary race is elven, there are a fair number of humans who are also making a living here, and not in any way different to the elves.

Perhaps more oddly still is the very strict routine that is kept here. A town bell is rung to signal the villagefolk to awake and work, a second bell is rung later in the day for a communal feast on tables set up outside in the centre of the village, and a final bell rung for everyone to go back to sleep. Every member of the village follows these commands absolutely. As a result, the village is self-sustaining, productive, and offers a friendly and welcoming haven for travellers of all races.

The home of Roe, Ian and Gido


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