Primary Race – Human

Dryth is a human city situated in the north of the continent of Vappor, surrounded on all sides by the rolling sands of a great desert. With its high walls, distinct location and strong guard presence, it is a city one would find difficult to assault.

However due to the unique location of this city within the desert, it relies heavily on outside trade to sustain the lifestyle of those within. The main trade routes are those from Arria as well as some of the smaller villages of the west of Vappor. In addition there is trade across the waters to the city of Goldcoast.

The city itself is best described as a city of two halves. On the one half there is the strong presence of The Church of Heironeous. All city guards serve under this church and attempt to be as just as possible when enforcing the law. In fact, while the church is present over any human city, the fact that its presence is strongest in Dryth means that this is the location of many high-ups within the church. On the other hand however is the city’s dark underbelly. Everyone one would expect from the seedier side of a city, and more in addition. Just as every city has a darker side to it, nowhere is it more prevalent than Dryth.

And yet these two halves of this city, while almost entirely mutuall exclusive from eachother, are kept in fine balance within the walls of Dryth. Neither half of the city can make a move on the other half, and as a result they live alongside eachother in the most bizarre of ways. Markets are divided neatly into keen vendours shouting for custom and shady dealers remaining silent with suspicious items on sale.

Dryth is also home to the main headquarters of The Brightmantle Weapon Forge and Trading Consortium, a prolific guild of craftsmen and smiths.


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