Cliffport is a large city on the south eastern coast of the first continent the party encountered upon their travels into the unknown lands of the east.

As its name suggests, it is build into the side of a cliff. In a similar way to Barithani, some of it looks as though it has been added on without too much thought as to location or aesthetics, but everything is still as reachable as it can be. It appears that it takes a good knowledge of the city to be able to efficiently work ones way around it.

At the very top at the cliff live those without much money to their name, while at the base there are mansions and theatres and all sorts for those with more money than they know what to do with. In total there are 5 “levels” to Cliffport. On the 4th level resides Peitar and Celestine

It is a highly merchantile city with busy docks and a very prominent symbol of Garl Glittergold in many places, god of the gnomes and money.

Cliffport was the site of the demonic invasion, a portal to The Abyss existing there. By the time the party had arrived, the vast majority had already been taken over. Rushing to where they knew the portal to be, they fought through many dangerous demonic creatures, before battling against a gigantic metal coated demon. In defeating the demon, they buried the portal under rubble, and sealed it with the molten metal from the demon, stopping, albeit temporarily, the demon invasion.


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