“Chimera” is the nickname given to a suspicious group of individuals of whom rumours are prevalent around the city of Arria. The rumours state that they are undertaking some form of research, or investigation, and that it isn’t entirely moral. However many residents of Arria simply dismiss this as unfounded rumour and think no more about it.

The party found what they believed to be a creature born as the result of this research, a simple housecat that was covered in a fiery plume, but yet seemed unperturbed by this. Investigation lead them to Mount Nograd where they discovered Chimera researchers undertaking these experiments just inside a portal to The Elemental Plane of Fire. In the incident that followed, none of the many researchers that fought survived, however their research was not forgotten, as the party took it with them.

While difficult to pinpoint exactly what is happening in their research notes, the initial assumptions about their goals were somewhat confirmed, and the tone of certain parts indicated that there may possibly be other research groups at other points around the world.

It is headed by Tressa, at least according to information gathered.


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