Primary Race: Mixed

Barithani is the only city on the eastern island continent of Cormand. The city itself contains a mix of humans and elves, but is very strict on people visiting. It is not a xenophobic place, but anyone wishing to live or even briefly stop there is checked by multiple sources for any ill intents, dangerous items or foreign diseases.

The city looks rather bizarre, with a vast array of different architecural types and no real immediate aesthetic sense. Many story buildings can be right next to small workshops, and there is not a single shred of greenery in sight. Buildings are built where people wish to build them, sometimes even onto the sides of the great cliff face that Barithani sits atop of itself.

Barithani contains many areas that may attract travellers, from weapon and armour crafters to tradesmen, and even the great construct district that specialises in the creation of golems. It does engage in brief trade with Goldcoast to the north and Cumberland to the south, but this is rare and small.

It is a more than welcoming city, provided that you obey their customs.


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