The Godspike

A strange black greatsword of unusual design

weapon (melee)

+1 greatsword.
Ability to drain magic from items.
After reaching theshold, gained additional abilities depending on what is drained using it.
also gave +2con, -2cha, darksight 30ft, resist to trip and bullrush, +2 on poison and magic saves.
Other unlisted abilities.


Sulerain, The Grim Lady. A goddess of death, despair and destruction. However, some think that she has no physical body, and only has a vessel, a body that she has taken for her own. The heros of godspike have slaying such a vessel as their highest claim to fame. In doing so, the spirit of Sulerain was force into the blade that dealt the fatal blow, lying in wait and corrupting the blade.

Sahalquiel acquired the blade a couple of months before the campaign started, after it latched onto his arm during an exploratory contract. After finding no way to remove it, he reluctantly went on his way, where it proved useful in destroying items such as the bell of the ithillid.

However, during the trial of the relic of knowledge, the swords power amassed enough energy to awaken, whereupon Sahalquiel was beset by voices commanding him to kill. Fortunately, he was able to resist the compulsions up until the trial of the relic of power, where the great golden dragon ?? bit off the entire arm, removing the Godspike, and preventing Sahalquiel from becoming the new vessel of The Grim Lady. The Godspike was then kept by ??, up until he could take it back to Bahamut and his superiors so that it may be disposed of properly.

The Godspike

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