Powdered stalks of a plant that grows only in the Abyss.


Luhix is an intensely addictive performance-enhancing drug and painkiller. It is made by crushing the stalks of an unknown plant that grows only in the Abyss into a fine powder. It is normally sprinkled onto a fresh, self-inflicted wound.

Luhix users feel a dizzying surge of strength and courage while under the effect of the drug. It is also the most potent alchemical painkiller known on the material plane.

Luhix is a deadly poison, and must be taken in small doses. An overdose is immediately fatal.


Luhix is produced in a small island village to the south-east of Dryth. The village has a permanent gate to the Abyss in the village centre.

Alymond traded luhix, and occasionally used luhix when under great stress or in pain. He frequently battled his addiction to the drug.

Graminea took Alymond’s luhix supply after his death. She sold a litre of luhix in Snakebite, where the drug appeared to be unheard of.


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