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Race: Elven


An elven man of tanned skin and well built body, Surosar was “saved” by Graminea Malkovich during her excursions in The Elemental Plane of Fire.
(Graminea purchased him for information on her brother and kept him by her side in hopes of eventually finding his home)

Surosar is largely silent and speaks very rarely, preferring the company of Graminea and accompanying her wherever her adventures take her, even as far as sharing her tent during stops on the road. He is unsure of a lot of things such as his skills in weapons and his history before the Elemental Plane of Fire, given that he was allegedly there for over a hundred years. However he has shown some signs of knowing his way around mechanical traps, and has taken to using a crossbow during skirmishes.

During the incident in Lassibar, he was grabbed by the panicked head of the Yuan-ti ambushers and teleported away somewhere. Upon scrying the party discovered him captured by a tride of orks and subjected to a bloodletting ritual for some unknown purpose. The party saved him, drained of much blood, but alive.

Graminea guilt ridden after this incident free’d him from her “slavery” wishing never to bring harm upon him again, though now a free man he vowed to always be loyal to her. He has now started to come out of the shell that slavery put him in, teaming up with Sahalquiel to help him train, Calairiel when in need of godly advice and has yet to succumb to the strangeness that is Kerys Nae Gwennen but probably does not know how to address her with any matter of importance leaving that solely in the hands of Graminea.

Currently honing his toned down ability’s with the help of the others after his time as a slave in hopes to return to his home town Pearlglen to meet once again with his “master”


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