Shadow Colossus

A towering, humanoid horror. A being of shadow, chaos and purest evil.


The shadow colossus appeared as a gigantic humanoid figure, wreathed in darkness. Gazing into its glowing red eyes – which burned with the fury of a furnace – paralysed most mortal men and made others flee in fear. It could take an incorporeal form, scattering its body into a cloud of dust.


The shadow colossus was brought into the material plane when the party disrupted an orcish shaman’s summoning ritual. Whether this creature of shadow was intended to be summoned is unknown. Freed from its home plane, the creature turned on the orcish village. During its brief rampage on the material plane, the shadow colossus appeared to be bent on death and destruction. It took great pleasure in destroying anything which could not escape its grasp.


The creature was slain by Kerys and Graminea during the session Return to Shadow.

The shadow colossus was lured into a trap set by the two women – a series of controlled explosions at the base of two snow-topped mountains. When the bombs exploded, sections of the mountainside collapsed and the tremors triggered an avalanche. Crushed by falling rocks and trapped in snow, the creature expired before it could escape.

Known Abilities

  • Aversion to daylight.
  • Incorporeal form allows it to fly.
  • Telepathy.
  • Spell-like abilities: dispel magic, finger of death, greater invisibility.
  • Summons small shadow creatures.

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Shadow Colossus

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