Shador Szoraxle XVII


Member number 1 of “The Calendar”

A strange old human man who came across the party in the midst of a heated and violent argument between them and Valkith, having been heading to that exact place to meet with both Valkith and a mutual friend of theirs.

He helped to diffuse the argument and proceeded to tend to those who were wounded during the combat, in particular very rapidly healing Graminea Malkovich’s eye, it having been blinded not moments before he arrived.

He seems to be fairly well known, as the party traded information on his wereabouts with Jezebell Vordran at a later date in exchange for a night of comfortable rest in Arria after the incident with Mount Nograd occurred.

Shador occasionally makes trips to Arborea for supplies, using one of Roe the Bard’s portals.

Shador Szoraxle XVII

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