Race: Half-elven

Cool demeanor and a whip at his side, has a large collection of books.


Member number 11 of “The Calendar”

Served the party some lovey tea on their quest just off the coast of Silvercoast after explaining the whole thing was a ruse to capture them and obtain some information about the relic co-ordinates, while the rest of the party told him nothing and instead figured out an elaborate puzzle Graminea Malkovich took him aside and let him know the things he wanted to know in exchange for items of use and tricked the party into believing that she had relations with him for the items instead, this lead Adrian to lecture her on her chosen path.

A simple library assistant in Silvercoast, he apparently found out about “The Calendar” entirely by himself and joined of his own free will. His connections were not as great as Dorgan‘s, nor was his fighting ability as great as Lona’s but Erevan Silverton accepted him into the group anyway. He is given the more mundane tasks of the group, and is often treated more as a lacky than a member by Erevan Silverton and some of the other higher members. This, he does not seem to mind. His first task was apparently the incident off the coast of Silvercoast, after which Ash has heard nothing from him.

Lona distrusts him, but other members of Ash‘s splinter group don’t see him as either a big threat nor evil.

Recently suffered a heart attack and only survived due to the quick aid sought out by Sahalquiel


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