Roe the Bard


Member number 9 of “The Calendar”

A famous and well known elven bard with the stagename “The Magical Roe” that was last seen entertaining those in powerful positions in Iborea. His performances are very well known and often impress even those who know exactly how his tricks are done. Not just limited to magic tricks, he also performs with great athleticism and poise, and is certainly flamboyant in his performances

He is a member of “The Calendar”, but lectured Ash for his apparent recruiting. He survived the assault by the assassins of The Church of Corellon Larethian, however in the pitch-darkness of the battle it is unsure as to what he did to aid the party.

He lives in the swanky, high area of Iborea, and has a collection of twenty different planar portals in his attic.

Roe the Bard

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