Ravakan Gentleharp


Ravakan Gentleharp is an elf with a very stupid name. She was found wandering around the first layer of The Abyss and offered to aid the party in returning to the material plane, and as close to where they were before as possible.

She seems interested in the strange things, particularly Sahalquiel’s construct angel arm, and the ritual associated with it. Hal very kindly offered the papers detailing said ritual in payment for helping them get out of the Abyss.

She spoke ill of Malchoir, mentioning he knew nothing of real portals and should just stick to standard merchant-ing. She also spoke of Sinkers passing through the first layer of the Abyss, although she gives no thought to them. Well, the place is so full of demonkinds that the Sinkers probably don’t stand out that much.


Ravakan Gentleharp

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