Although he’s a tall, well-proportioned man, this figure’s demonic features cannot be ignored. His powerful birdlike talons scrape the floor as he approaches, and four feathered wings shine with oil and writhe with smoke on his back. His head combines the features of a handsome man and a feral hawk, his cruel, hooked beak filled with a forest of needle teeth. Pazuzu, the Demon Lord.


Pazuzu is a Demon Lord, and ruler of the Aerial Kingdoms. All the books say that he has been imprisoned, but recent events suggest otherwise. Calling his name three times summons him to you, and he is more than happy to grant you a wish. For a price, no wishes come without a price afterall. Accepting Pazuzu’s aid is a surefire way to ruin. He takes great delight in offering aid that seems helpful but in fact causes great evil. For whatever a contract with a demon, some of the most chaotic being in existence, is worth. His domain is Pazunia, the first layer of the Abyss, otherwise known as the Plane of Infinite Portals.

Khazmin Pyrrhus made a deal with Pazuzu to reclaim his old human body back, after he was killed and brought back as a goblin. Pazuzu made the deal, but said that the body needed to be fed from other humans, which Khazmin has been struggling with for the past month or so now.

With all lore on him stating that he is imprisoned, and the fact that he isn’t, has lead the party to think that he was freed during the incident with Sahalquiel and the Metacube.


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