Oskar is a dwarf, or was a dwarf.

He was a scout of the dwarven Stronghold, tasked with seeking out and relaying back information as to the movement of the giant spiders that occupy the forest outside, and have recently been encroaching.

He valiently aided the party in fighting off both giant spider and multi-armed creature in defense of his home, however fell into a pit leading to The Abyss during the ensuing fight. When members of the party descended into the pit to save him, they unintentionally crushed him under their weight instead.

Kerys Nae Gwennen however brought his life back, restoring him instead as a Kobold. Kobolds being one of the main dwarven enemies. Oskar was understandably distressed and angry at this, and has since been moody and unhelpful whilst the party made their way out of The Abyss



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