"The Merchant"


Race: Efreeti

A large and cumbersome orange/brown toned humanoid from The Elemental Plane of Fire


Has a known liking for Graminea Malkovich as she lived up to expectations and carried out her trade and favor to him during her visit to The Elemental Plane of Fire, not much is known about this trade however from her perspective it was a rather innocent task of telling a small impish man to stop spreading slander about Malchoir in The City Of Brass and also to impart upon him but a simple red rose that Roe the Bard gave to her in a performance of his.

Kerys Nae Gwennen however upon meeting this man despised him from the moment he spoke would not make a simple trade with him much to the demise of Alymond Truebrook who was then crushed beneath Malchoirs fist, Sahalquiel jumped in in time to make the trade in Kerys’ place and the Merchant went about his business of aiding the material plane by sealing up the unstable portals, Kerys’ still fuming wished to go after the outsider but fortunately Graminea stepped in with some resoning to slow her down, the situation defused.


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