"Mal" Malburest

"Will I get a statue?"


Race: Human

Roughly 10 or 11 years of age, “Mal” is nickname of a young human girl with a heavily worked face. Her hair is dark and uncared for and her clothes just the very basics. For a girl as young as she is, she has callused hands at the end of strong arms, most likely as a result of the job that she has been doing all her life, a stablehand and horse tender.


“Mal” is but a nickname for very little is known about her. She was discovered by the party in a hidden away area of a stable in the city of Arria upon their return visit after the disaster with the Elemental Plane of Fire. Having been feasted upon by a mindflayer mere moment before their arrival, she was saved from a much more grim fate by the party. However, late as they were, she lost all memory prior to waking up a day later.

Her nickname is as a result of party investigation as to her identity, discovering that she was a young girl of the Malburest family, the owners of Arria’s stables. However none of the remaining townsfolk knew either her first name nor could take her under their care, thus she was given the nickname “Mal” and joined the party.

Having not outright forgotten her years of training, she proved ideal for looking after the party’s horses during their travels, but soon showed signs of wanting to do more. She asked questions about what the party’s goal was, questioned Graminea Malkovich about whether she could also use magic as she did, and trained under Alymond in the ways of the rapier.

Because no suitable home could be found for the girl, she ended up following the party into the chamber of the first Corellon Larethian relic, there getting her first taste of fighting and aiding to bring down a Minotaur.

The experience drew her closer to the desire to hunt for treasure and soon her desire to be a hero of the world was also revealed as the party visited the home of the Heroes of Godspike, the city of Luness. While there she once again fought against mindflayers, and was rewarded with the party with an option to ask one question to an all-knowing artifact.

However, whatever question she had answered sent her into a withdrawn state, and with the danger surrounding them it became clear to members of the party that she could not remain with them without being in significant danger. Mal was given the choice, to continue following the party, or to flee the city with Graminea Malkovich’s parents to Caryackt. She chose the latter, thus sadly departing from the group.

"Mal" Malburest

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