Lucretia Aurelia Tullius

Priestess of Ehlonna and Seeker of the Misty Isle


A tall elf woman with patrician features, blonde hair with a hint of grey, and green eyes, wearing a silver breastplate and green travelling clothes bearing the symbol of Ehlonna. On her back is a well-used longbow. A keen ear might detect she speaks with a faintly aristocratic accent in the manner of northern Algur, and anyone who has lived among elves would guess her to be nearing the end of her second century.

She has a no-nonsense attitude to life: to her eyes most problems can be solved by finding the correct course of treatment, whether that be rain to help crops grow, medicine to fight disease, or killing an attacker to save a population.

Lucretia is the daughter of Lord Tarquinius Aventus Tullius, a noble wizard from the city of Krein. She caused a scandal a century earlier when she eloped with a human man and settled with him in a short-lived village far to the west. Her children, Cullyn and Murbella, were the result of this union and due to their condition she became fixated on finding a cure for their infirmity and defensive about their frailties, becoming something of a stern authority figure in the process.

Following her husband’s death and the loss of their home to war, the family found themselves back in Algur, where she reconciled with her family and remarried, settling in the Starwood for a time where she established a temple to Ehlonna. Eventually tiring of playing the dutiful wife she set out to finally find a cure for her children’s weakness. In Maliber she joined the Seekers of the Misty Isle, and set out to find lore long lost to her people. She has agreed to travel with the party out of a desire to prevent the catastrophe that the Sinkers represent, and also to locate places and potential allies she might find knowledge to help her as Seeker.

Lucretia Aurelia Tullius

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