Race: Half-elven


Member number 5 of “The Calendar”.

She was recruited by Erevan Silverton under the pretense that she would be able to socialise with the strongest and most powerful within the world. While that is somewhat what she recieved, she strongly opposed certain members of the group, and often got into heated disputes with them that might have ended in bloodshed. In particular she has a dislike for Dorgan and Rolan, claiming them to be overly secretive and untrustworthy. While the rest of Ash’s splinter group shares her opinions of Dorgan, they do not for Rolan.

Lona is a skilled sword fighter, trained under her own guise such that her style is totally different to anyone else’s. She is fast on her feet, nimble, and strikes not with strength but rather extreme precision in her aim. She can find gaps in the armour of even the most amazingly well armoured foes.

She has a bit of a selfish streak about her, and she is often unable to hide her desire to want to be famous and well known around the world.

Discovered alongside Dorgan as mercenary help for Avelane in their journeys through the Underdark. Still seemed to dislike Dorgan immensely, however seemed to have no problems talking to the party. Upon returning to the surface, she took a liking to Surosar, and he found out during some pillow talk that she, like other half-elves, also suffers from some physical condition, in this case suffering from random blackouts. It seemed that this was a problem pertaining to all half-elves, and she departed soon after to investigate this further.

Deftly wields a rapier, storing it in a sick tattoo on her lower neck when not using it.


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