A silent Lich of unknown origins, first spotted crashing the funeral of Faenya in the city of Luness alongside mind flayers, drow elves, and bodaks. His goal seemed to be to resurrect the champion for his own uses, but this was stopped by the party.

The Lich did not appear again until the party came across what appeared to be his latest plan, taking the armies of two warring nations and controlling their minds on the battlefield, slaying them, and raising them as his own. He was once again defeated by the party, the fight causing them to push into the Underdark.

After some investigation in the Underdark, the party concluded that the Lich was most likely Alakara Pharn, ex drow general. This was all but confirmed when their search took them to his grave, and they once again encountered the Lich, although this time it appeared as though he was allied with one of the generals of The Sinkers, in front of a portal.

The party captured the Sinker general, and turned the Lich to salt. Such that he may never be found for a long long time again, as he didn’t seem to ever die, Kerys Nae Gwennen suggested they seal him in a cave upon the Elemental Plane of Earth, where time travels so slowly that one day there is a hundred in the other planes.



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