Labelas Enoreth

Member of the Elven Court of Corellon Larethian. He is the administrator of time.


Labelas Enoreth appears to be simultaneously male and female. He is both, and neither. He has long, silver hair and silver eyes.


“Record and preserve the lessons of history, and draw lessons from that which has unfolded.”
- Labelas Enoreth

We don’t know much about Labelas’s personality, but is is likely quite different in this campaign to the D&D canon. I’m not even certain if he’s a teacher in this setting. I’ll flesh this out if we ever get some more insight.


Labelas Enoreth is an intermediate elven deity. He governs the passage of time and the longevity of the elves.

If he wills it, Labelas can be found on the plane of Arborea. He resides in the realm of Arvandor, in the halls of the Seldarine – the mythical Court of Corellon Larethian.

As a reward for finding Corellon Larethian’s relic, Labelas gave Corellon Larethian’s blessing to Alymond. The blessing granted Alymond great will and courage1.

1 +2 Charisma and Wisdom.

Labelas Enoreth

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