The Lightning Paladin


Member number 8 of “The Calendar”

Deceased member of “The Calendar”, killed when he attacked the party upon discovering a relic of Heironeous. Kura was a foolish follower of The Church of Heironeous. He was recruited to “The Calendar” under tales of this allowing him to be able to find great relics of Heironeous. Just simply saying this was enough for him to accept.

He believed so strongly in his church’s teachings that he was easily manipulated into working for Erevan Silverton. He was stationed within the church such that he could use their research into the relics for his own.

Kura wielded armour and a sword that were both wreathed in lightning, even damaging him on occasion, and had the ability to control a great drake from The Elemental Plane of Air, although Ash can only speculate as to how someone as single-mindedly stupid as Kura was actually able to do so.


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