Kevian Ganry

The son of an innkeeper and landlord, Kevian was highly regarded by the people of Willowsbriar Grove.


A man in his late thirties, Kevian was tall and slender, with long but thinning black hair. He had a pallid complexion with dark, sunken eyes. He often wore finely tailored clothing, but never anything that would flaunt his wealth.


Kevian was the son of the sole innkeeper in Willowsbriar Grove. He was wealthy by the small town’s standards due to his father’s land holdings. Kevian was an ardent worshipper of Heironeous, and a frequent benefactor of the Church.

Kevian contracted Red Ache, a rare and usually fatal disease that slowly turns its victim’s body aflame.

When his illness showed no signs of slowing, he was sent by his father to Kerys Nae Gwennen, the Witch of the Woods, for magical healing. The witch was unable to cure Kevian, though she made a token effort to ward him against further harm.

Kevian died one week later as the disease rapidly progressed – his skin glowing like the embers in a dying fire, and his body wracked with pain. The people of Willowsbriar Grove believed Kevian’s death to be hex-craft. Led by Kevian’s father and the town marshal, the townsfolk captured the witch to subject her to trial.

Kevian Ganry

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