Jezebell Vordran


Race: Human


The Lady Jezebell Vordran is the ruler of Arria. She resides in an estate in the centre of the city, surrounded by many retainers with a wealth of luxury at her disposal and pleasure. Her demands on the city are that half of all money made by any transaction in the city is removed from the owner and instead given to keeping the city. However it is clear from her life of luxury that either she is exempt from this, or not all of the money goes exclusively to the upkeep of the city. However the city is no more severe poverty than any other, so she is at least respected, even if the prices to travellers may seem steep.

After the incident of Mount Nograd, Jezebell was visited by the party in her estate where she was hiding, with a plea for her to aid the remaining villagers. It was done, but Jezebell was not best pleased about the situation she found herself in, or with the party.

Jezebell Vordran

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