Race: Elven

Ilesere is a member of The Heroes of Godspike. From the statue in Luness she appears to be some sort of elven spellcaster. In fact, her depiction on the statue has a magical enchantment of dancing lights surrounding her, the only part of the statue to have such a thing.

She came to pay respects along with Erevan Silverton to the deceased Faenya several days before the public funeral took place. Having paid her respects, she was then reported to have left in a southerly direction.

The party did not encounter Ilesere until she appeared to turn Asoria back from his stone state. A rather twitchy woman, perhaps a little not quite right in the head, but as Asoria explained, she was a member of The Black Cult of Ahm, people who despise demons, but aren’t afraid to get close in order to gain the necessary knowledge. Regardless of this, some members of the party suspect that she might have ulterior motives.


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