The Sigil Guides

"Did someone say guide?"


Whatever you want your guide to look like…within reason.


One of the guilds in the city of Sigil, the Guide Guild exists, as the name suggests, to help guide people to where they wish to go in Sigil.

With Sigil being such a confusing mess of architectures and cultures all crammed into one, The Guides were set up almost immediately, and claims to be the very oldest of all the many guilds that exist in Sigil. Certainly it is the most prolific. Hiring one couldn’t be easier, simply say the word “guide” and one will manifest next to you, happy to do your bidding.

This is more than a little annoying, however, when you say the word with no intention of hiring a guide, and many secret meetings have been interrupted by a happy, smiling, reading to do work guide. They perhaps have other uses too, when recently one was hired to find the party a person, rather than a place, a task that was successful.

Graminea Malkovich recently gained favour with this group by buying them all a few hours off work, something they perhaps were in dire need for, and has since embraced their services in finding things quickly and swiftly.

The Sigil Guides

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