Race: Elven


Member number 3 of “The Calendar”. Her real name is “Murta”

An evil woman who has only been spoken about, has a large brutish follower/helper by the name of Koga.
Tortures the innocent and has a good ol’ laugh while shes at it.
So far has supposedly destroyed an entire carriage of young elfen students leaving only two survivors Graminea Malkovich and Valen.
Also known to have tortured the young boy Gillian “Lazan” Malkovich.
Wears a black and white mask along with fishnets hence the nickname.

Ash informed the group that her motives seem to be unclear beyond simply being hired as the best person to coerce information out of people. She is very calculating and cunning despite her complete lack of subtlety and is always out on some sort of mission on behalf of Erevan Silverton. Apparently she delights in both giving and recieving pain, and hence has no problems doing even the most dangerous of tasks set to her.

She delights in telling people that the reason she is like this is because she spent a lot of time in the Windswept Depths of Pandemonium on a mission from Erevan Silverton long before “The Calendar” was set up, speaking with delight about how she is Erevan’s favourite.

Left silvercoast with Malchoir as part of a deal made by Erevan to secure his own fast passage to put distance between him and the party.


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