Erevan Silverton

"Racist Elf Batman" "Mr Silverton"


Race: Elven

Dual wielding swords


Threatened the whole party after finding that they had the information he wanted ex-member of The Heroes of Godspike

Had the original signet rings for “The Calendar” made on commision by Valkith the jeweller.

Was witnessed slaying Asoria, and according to Ash, was also responsible for the death of Faenya.
Apparantly the employer of Ash, Roe the Bard and likely all the other calendar members, although he does not appear to have a number himself.

Erevan is a cowardly man who never knows when he can win a fight, according to Asoria. He appears to form groups of strong people surrounding him to achieve whatever goals he has and if the group splinters he flees to elsewhere and starts anew. This became evident to the party after his attempt at forming The Calendar failed and he fled through use of dealings with Malchoir to the unknown lands of the east. Since there he has started up a similar recruitment of strong people at his side.

Upon scrying upon him, the party discovered he is doing such a thing because he believes there to be a great threat approaching. Whether this is true or not is debatable, however with him having been imprisoned by the church of St. Cuthbert, and subsequently on a war-laden ship presumably heading out to fight in the war the church is in, he has been deemed to not be much of a threat.

When the party discovered that the “war” had in fact been taken over by a Lich, who was commanding illithids and drow alike to take over the minds and bodies of the combatants from both sides, Erevan was spotted attempting to flee once again. Graminea Malkovich saw that he could not escape by burning the ships off the island, and instead he begged to join the party, claiming that he now knew the Drow and the Lich were behind the loss of his hometown, and that he wanted revenge. Reluctantly, the party let him accompany, although under close scrutiny.

Surprisingly true to his word, Erevan did not stab them in the back, although clearly knew very little about the Underdark and was not a great deal of help. With the Lich eventually taken care of, the party returned to the surface world, but Erevan decided to remain behind. The sinkholes had literally been bringing entire villages to the Underdark, and while the problem was solved, his beloved village had not been returned, and he decided to set out through the Underdark to find it.

Erevan Silverton

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