Race: Elven

What was most likely a once very beautiful face, now scarred and modified beyond original recognition.


Member number 12 of “The Calendar”

An elven woman who was found amoungst a strange illusion inducing fog to the east of Hrundi. A member of “The Calendar” who holds a horrible hatred towards humans, having been permanently scarred by them across her face.

Her demeanour is somewhat erratic, flipping suddenly to extreme anger on occasion. She wears a set of eyes from a creature in The Nine Hells producing a mist that coats the land and causes all who enter it to experience an array of strange illusions. She claims that nobody should have been able to find her amoungst this mist. She also has several other strange augmentations, including a false, clockwork and ill-fitting eye behind the illusion eyes where her real one should be, and some form of hardened skin grafts.

She is a dead shot with her throwing axes, and shows great skill in using them.

Possibly saved from an agonisingly painful death by Dorgan, although his entrance to the scene was somewhat unusual.

She is feared by Ash due to her unpredictability


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