"Just a few drops"


Race: Human

Pale, pastey and gaunt face.


Member number 2 of “The Calendar”

Human guard for The Brightmantle Weapon Forge and Trading Consortium in dryth is a supposed Blood Mage.

Untrusted by Ash and his splinter group, Dorgan has taken blood samples of all the people within “The Calendar”. To what use this was for is unknown, but it was required upon order from Erevan Silverton. Being number 2 in the group, Ash and his group theorise that he must be quite a powerful person, and he holds a good position of power within Brightmantle.

Came across the party in The Underdark, seemingly working as a mercenary alongside Lona for Avelane. Seemed as though there were other reasons, alchemical in nature, he journeyed to The Underdark for. Seemed to be at constant odds with Lona, their bickering senseless.

Still appeared to be obsessed with blood, and has since followed the party to Sigil, where he was last seen attempting to set up some form of trade for various creatures bloods, on suggestion from Graminea Malkovich


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